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Why is there not a single caffeine supplement without additives?

Our story

Our founders Lukas and Sven asked themselves this question in 2015 when they were looking for a new booster for their strength training. Since there were only caffeine products with artificial additives at that time, they decided to take this into their own hands!

After half a year of development, the two succeeded in finding a caffeine recipe completely without additives. Under the name wake up! Power caffeine capsules were launched in early 2016 in Germany's first caffeine capsules without additives. Due to the high demand, our Make yourself awake! Caffeine lozenges and guarana capsules, other caffeine products for different purposes have been launched on the market.

After that, it is time for us to take the next step: With Vitamineule, we have carefully developed a portfolio of vitamins and minerals in recent years and dietary supplements that are precisely tailored to the needs of customers. It is important that each product offers added value for the customer, has a short list of ingredients and is completely free of artificial additives. Every product is manufactured in Germany in all production steps.

Meanwhile, more than 90,000 customers trust us and our high-quality products.

As a Christian company, we donate part of our profits to Open Doors, an aid organization, who supports persecuted Christians around the world.

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