Vitamin B12 - effect, deficiency and food

Vitamin B12 - Wirkung, Mangel und Lebensmittel

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Vitamin B12 - cobalamin for nerves, blood formation and energy metabolism

The human body functions like a complex clockwork. For every organ and tissue of your body to work perfectly, it needs above all the right amount of high-quality vitamins. Vitamin B12 is the only vitamin that is water-soluble and yet can be stored simultaneously for several years. A deficiency is therefore often only noticed after years, when the vitamin B12 level is very low. It has essential effects on the entire neural network in the brain and thus ensures optimal thinking function. Vitamin B12 also ensures that the right amount of ules.

1. vitamin B12 for nerves & concentration

Vitamin B12 fulfils a wide range of tasks in the human body. For example, the red vitamin ensures that the nerves are strengthened and concentration can be maintained for longer. Especially needed during a strenuous working day the body produces a large amount of vitamin B12.

2. the formation of red blood cells by vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 also ensures that the red blood cells are formed correctly and introduces folic acid into the red blood cells. As the red blood cells transport the vital oxygen to the organs and muscles, the right vitamin B12 supply is essential for a healthy body.

3. conversion of homocysteine into methionine

Homocysteine is an intermediate product of the metabolism that can promote various cardiovascular diseases or is associated with them. They can also damage the blood vessels. These effects also occur when the homocysteine level is only moderately increased. Vitamin B12 converts the critical substance into harmless methionine. In addition to a sufficient supply of vitamin B12, attention should also be paid to the supply of folic acid, as this vitamin also affects the homocysteine level regulated.

4. vitamin B12 for more energy

The right amount and form of vitamin B12 ensures that the human body has sufficient energy available in every situation. This means that physically and mentally demanding activities can be carried out more effectively.

5 Consequences and symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency

You often feel tired, exhausted and weak? A vitamin B12 deficiency can be the reason for this. The symptoms of a vitamin B12 deficiency include the following factors:

  • Listlessness
  • Increased fatigue
  • numbness and tingling of the nerves
  • Difficulties in concentration
  • Depressive thoughts

6. prevent vitamin B12 deficiency

A vitamin B12 deficiency is in many cases caused by malnutrition or incorrect diet. A B12 deficiency can be prevented in time by a balanced diet with the right foods. Senior citizens are particularly common, Vegetarians and vegans affected by a vitamin B12 deficiency This can be due to both diet and digestive problems. A vitamin B12 deficiency can be caused both by an adjustment in the diet and suitable dietary supplements can be remedied.

7. food with high vitamin B12 content

Especially animal products such as meat, fish and dairy products contain a lot of vitamin B12. The top performers in the B12 comparison from the above categories are as follows:

Vitamin B12 content per 100 grams:

  • Liver: approx. 30 - 60 mg
  • Oysters: approximately 15 mg
  • Tuna: approximately 4 mg
  • chicken egg: approx. 2mg
  • Emmental: approx. 3mg

If you are a vegetarian or vegan, a dietary supplement in the form of vitamin B12 tablets or capsules would be a good option to keep vitamin B12 levels high even without animal B12.

8. disturbed vitamin B12 intake in the absence of intrinsic factor

Vitamin B12 can be absorbed by the body in two ways. On the one hand, the vitamin can be passively made available to the intestine if a high vitamin B12 level is present. On the other hand, the body itself can Take 1.5 mg vitamin B12. However, some kind of catalyst is necessary for this: The intrinsic factor ensures that the vitamin B12 can be safely transported through the acidic stomach milieu to the place where it is absorbed in the intestines. If the intrinsic factor is missing, no active absorption of the vitamin B12, and it can only be absorbed by means of passive diffusion itself, which continues. If the intrinsic factor is missing in the context of a vitamin B12 uptake disorder, it is advisable to supplement the normal diet with Take vitamin B12 in the form of vitamin B12 tablets or capsules to provide B12 in high quantities via passive diffusion.

9. the correct vitamin B12 form: Cyanocobalamin or methylcobalamin?

Cyanocoblamine is found in most vitamin B12 supplements and dietary supplements. It is cheap for the manufacturer and easy to process. However, the problem is that many people cannot tolerate this substance and Rashes or other allergic reactions may occur due to the intake of cyanocobalamin. For this reason, methylcobalamin is the better choice. It is often extracted from lichens, a plant species. Methylcobalamin is clearly more expensive to produce, but can be more easily absorbed by the body and is much better tolerated by people who are sensitive to food supplements.

10. vitamin B12 capsules as an alternative to tablets

Many people use cheap vitamin B12 tablets from the drugstore or pharmacy to meet their vitamin B12 needs. However, in addition to the cheap cyanocobalamin already mentioned, vitamin B12 tablets are also used in In most cases a variety of artificial additives are used to make the tablets easier to produce. These range from fillers such as silicon dioxide to magnesium stearate or nanosubstances such as microcrystalline cellulose, which can overcome the intestinal wall and remain in the body indefinitely. For this reason, choosing vegetable vitamin B12 capsules is often the better choice. These can be produced without additives and are just as effective as vitamin B12 tablets. If you want to buy vitamin B12 capsules, you should make sure that they contain pure methylcobalamin, are free of artificial additives and are produced in Germany.

11. test vitamin B12 levels

In order to determine a vitamin B12 deficiency or undersupply, the best way is an MMA test at the doctor's. This test checks the level of methylmalonic acid. If the MMA level is significantly elevated, this indicates a deficiency of vitamin B12. The test is simple and very meaningful, as it only measures the vitamin B12 value that can be actively used by the body. We recommend having the test performed at regular intervals if there is a suspicion of a vitamin B12 deficiency exists. Since the B12 depot only decomposes slowly, even in the case of a deficiency, several tests have a higher significance than a single test and allow us to conclude with certainty whether a B12 deficiency exists or not.

12. conclusion

Vitamin B12 is a special vitamin because it is both water-soluble and a depot vitamin. Therefore, you should always make sure that you are supplied with high-quality vitamin B12, preferably in the form of well-tolerated methylcobalamin. To to measure your vitamin B12 level, it is best to have it measured at regular intervals in the form of the MMA urine test. Foods with a high vitamin B12 content are found mainly in animal products such as liver, red meat, saithe or dairy products. If you are vegetarian or vegan, we advise you to take a vitamin B12 supplement. If you have the choice between and tablets, you should take the capsules to save yourself the artificial additives.

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