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Zinc is a trace element which is very versatile. It strengthens the immune system, can improve cognitive performance and also acts as an antioxidant. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), half of all people do not take in enough zinc. The reason for a zinc deficiency is usually an insufficient diet that is too one-sided. Zinc is vital for the body and is involved in many processes in the human organism. The trace element is the second most common mineral in the body after iron. About 70% of zinc is stored via the skeleton, skin and hair. In this article you will learn, for which biochemical processes zinc is responsible and why you should always pay attention to a sufficient supply.

1. the positive effect of zinc in the body

Zinc is found in very small quantities in the human body. Zinc is vital for the organism, as it activates more than about 200 proteins that are responsible for the function of enzymes and hormones. These include growth hormones, Insulin, thyroid and sex hormones. Zinc is also needed for the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats and is necessary for a normal vitamin A metabolism is important. The trace element also participates in cell division and is therefore very important for wound healing. Thus the body regenerates faster and inflammations can be fended off better. If there is enough zinc in the body, it is more resistant and more efficient. Many women know zinc from the cosmetics industry, where it is valued for its strengthening effect on skin, hair and nails. For men, the right amount of zinc significantly increase testosterone levels.

2. origin and consequences of zinc deficiency

The main cause of zinc deficiency is an unbalanced diet. Too many people no longer have a balanced diet because they often and frequently consume fast food and convenience products with a low zinc content. Other causes for an undersupply of zinc can be intestinal diseases, regular alcohol consumption, diabetes or hereditary disorders of zinc metabolism.

Often a zinc deficiency can also be caused by an increased need (e.g. in pregnant women), an increased loss (e.g. in athletes who lose zinc through sweat) or a reduced intake. Often older people suffer from a Lack of zinc, because they suffer from lack of appetite and have an inadequate diet.

Vegetarians and vegans are also frequently affected, as they take in a lot of phytic acid through the vegetable diet. This acid forms insoluble compounds with zinc, so that the body is no longer able to absorb zinc. With longer Fasting cures or diets can also lead to zinc deficiency. Even athletes who perform at their best every day should take a close look at their zinc supply.

3. common symptoms of zinc deficiency

  • delayed wound healing
  • Fragile nails
  • increased hair loss
  • Susceptibility to infection and exhaustion
  • Flavour disorders

4. long-term effects and consequences of zinc deficiency

  • Chronic weakening of the immune system

  • reduced physical and mental performance

  • Night blindness

  • in children growth disorders

  • hair loss, cracked skin, inflammation

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5. how can I cover my zinc requirements with food?

Zinc is contained in almost every food, but especially animal foods have a very high zinc content. Zinc in plant foods is often less easily digested than zinc of animal origin.

Zinc is contained in traces in almost every foodstuff, but animal foods in particular have a very high zinc content. A large amount of the trace element is contained in red meat (beef), liver, shrimps and eggs. It is more difficult to absorb zinc from plant foods, as these are less digestible for the human body. One speaks of moderate to poor bioavailability. Plant foods that contain a high amount of zinc are for example lentils, oat flakes, peas and wheat germs. In fact, only about 15% of zinc is actually absorbed in the intestines. For comparison: with mixed food it is assumed that about 30% of the zinc can be utilized.

6. the right dosage of zinc

The European Food Safety Authority EFSA recommends a dose of 10mg zinc per day. This value can be achieved through the right diet as well as in combination with zinc tablets or zinc capsules can be achieved.

7. cover zinc requirements with zinc capsules or zinc tablets

If you have a predominantly plant-based diet, do a lot of sport or are unable to ensure your daily zinc supply, you can take zinc capsules or zinc tablets as an alternative. Often zinc tablets are sold in pharmacies or ...drugstores. However, in many cases these have been produced with artificial additives or abroad. Zinc capsules, on the other hand, contain the active ingredient in a mostly plant-based cellulose shell and are sold with fewer additives produced. In any case, you should make sure that the zinc capsules of your choice are produced without chemical nano substances such as cellulose and magnesium stearate, as their effect has not been sufficiently researched and they penetrate the intestinal wall can. Alternatively, you can go to a Take a multi-mineral preparation that contains many minerals, so you cover a wide range of active ingredients.

8. the right shape: Zinc orotate, zinc sulfate or zinc gluconate?

The chemical form of zinc is also crucial. Manufacturers often use cheap zinc borosilicate or zinc sulfate in their products. However, since these zinc compounds are only bioavailable to a small extent, the body can hardly recycling. Zinc histidine and zinc gluconate on the other hand have a very high bioavailability and are absorbed by the body very efficiently. They are also well tolerated and do not cause any side effects when taken normally.

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How can I correctly detect a zinc deficiency?

The zinc value can be determined fairly accurately by taking a blood sample from your family doctor. The blood taken is then analysed in the laboratory. If you suspect a zinc deficiency, you should describe the exact symptoms to your doctor so that to ensure that these are indeed due to a low zinc value. Because a blood test is always a snapshot, if you suspect your zinc deficiency, tests should be done at regular intervals.

10. conclusion

Zinc is a true all-rounder in the human body. It has many positive effects and strengthens the immune system, cognitive performance and helps in wound healing. As a strong antoxidant, zinc traps harmful free radicals. Due to this positive effects, care should be taken to ensure a good supply of the right amount of zinc. A deficiency can lead to an increased susceptibility to infections and brittle nails in the short term, and in the long term even to reduced performance. If you are vegetarian / vegan or do not have the possibility to include high-quality zinc sources such as beef or oatmeal in your everyday life, you can alternatively take zinc capsules. It is important that the zinc capsules are free of additives and are manufactured in Germany. The correct zinc compound is also crucial. Instead of resorting to inefficient substances such as zinc orotate or zinc sulphate, it is best to switch to a well-tolerated variant such as Grab zinc gluconate.

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