How much vitamin C do I need per day?

Wie viel Vitamin C benötige ich pro Tag?

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1. how much vitamin C do I need per day?

The German Society for Nutrition recommends a daily intake of approx. 95 mg vitamin C for women and approx. 110 mg vitamin C for men. This recommended amount corresponds to approximately 200 ml freshly squeezed orange juice or 100 g fresh Brussels sprouts. Dosage and daily requirement can vary in certain life situations, such as pregnancy, heavy physical strain or high alcohol consumption. Height, weight and gender play an important role in the calculation of requirements.

    2. the effect of vitamin C

    • increases the number of sperm
    • is important for the cholesterol metabolism
    • is essential for fat metabolism
    • helps with the absorption of iron
    • protects the body from free radicals
    • is important for the preservation of teeth, skin and connective tissue
    • helps with the formation of hormones and messenger substances

    3. vitamin C against wrinkles

    Due to the protein collagen, the skin can be maintained very well. Collagen gives the human skin firmness and elasticity. Vitamin helps the skin in two ways. Firstly, it protects the surface from free radicals and damage. On the other hand, it ensures the new production of collagen, as the protein is a substance produced naturally in the body. This slows down the formation of wrinkles and the skin remains taut for longer.

    4. environmental factors of vitamin C

    Vitamin C is very sensitive to external influences. High quantities of vitamin C can be lost through incorrect storage, too much light or too high temperatures. If fruits and vegetables are stored at room temperature for a longer period of time, they contain very little of the ascorbic acid. Therefore, these foods should be eaten quite quickly or put in the freezer, because a lot of vitamin C is still present even after defrosting.

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    5. how much vitamin C do I need per day?

    An adult person usually needs about 100 mg vitamin C per day. You can quickly cover your daily vitamin C requirement with a glass of orange juice. In addition to citrus fruits, foods such as parsley, peppers and Brussels sprouts are particularly high in vitamin C.

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