What effect does ginkgo have on the skin?

Welche Wirkung hat Ginkgo auf die Haut?

1. which effect has Ginkgo on the skin?

Nowadays, ginkgo is widely used in cosmetics. Ginkgo Biloba extract can improve skin elasticity and provides a natural glow to the skin. Moreover, ginkgo has a strong regenerating effect and can prevent the formation of new wrinkles. Ginkgo extract supports the natural immune system and promotes microcirculation.

Ginkgo has the following effects on the skin

  • anti-inflammatory
  • antimicrobial
  • regulating
  • soothing

Ginkgo Biloba extract

  • soothes allergic reactions of the skin
  • counteracts the formation of edema
  • increases elasticity
  • improves microcirculation
  • maintains the metabolism of the skin
  • promotes blood circulation
  • dilates blood vessels

2. how is ginkgo used?

Ginkgo Biloba extract is very versatile. Ginkgo can be used, for example, in the form of tea or as a tincture. In this case, the fresh powder is poured over with water and can then be drunk while still hot. The ginkgo tincture is made from a mixture of alcohol and ginkgo extract. This must be sealed for up to six weeks and can then be used. The most common way to use Ginkgo is in the form of capsules or tablets. Here the Ginkgo extract is compressed and in a capsule shell and can be supplemented with water or juice very well.

3. origin of the Ginkgo tree

The Ginkgo tree exists already for over 300 million years. He comes from China and was transported in the 18th century to Europe. There it was planted because of its size in many parks and large gardens. For many millennia, the ginkgo tree had a special significance in Chinese medicine. There it is still known as a medicinal plant. The Ginkgo tree has in many countries not only a high value, but is also used for different complaints. Due to its strength it is considered a symbol of fertility, long life and friendship.

4. ginkgo as food supplement

Who would like to take Ginkgo Biloba in the form of food auxiliary means, should absolutely pay attention to the form of the active substance and its origin. Ginkgo capsules are particularly suitable for increasing the value. They are very well tolerated and are utilized by the body to a high degree. Likewise, the preparation should not contain any chemical additives such as microcrystalline cellulose. If you buy a preparation from Germany, you can be sure that the product was also produced safely and has a high quality.

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5. conclusion: what effect does ginkgo have on the skin?

Ginkgo has a regenerating, soothing and preventive effect on the skin. Skin elasticity can be strengthened and maintained by using ginkgo in ointments. Nowadays, many skin products contain Ginkgo Biloba extract to benefit from its advantages. Ginkgo extract is also available in the form of capsules and tablets. Both forms are easy to use and enter the circulation quickly.

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