What effect do magnesium tablets have?


Welche Wirkung haben Magnesium Tabletten?

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1. what are the effects of magnesium tablets?

Magnesium can be supplemented in the form of food supplements. Magnesium tablets are easy to handle and quickly enter the circulation. On the one hand, tablets are very useful to counteract a deficiency and to remedy an acute magnesium deficiency.
To prevent a magnesium deficiency, a balanced and healthy diet is very important. A magnesium deficiency is often caused by malnutrition or incorrect diet. A magnesium deficiency can be prevented in good time by eating the right healthy food. In general, it is best to eat fruit and vegetables every day to be supplied with all vitamins and nutrients. Those who cannot manage to absorb their daily magnesium requirement through food can supplement magnesium. The effect of magnesium tablets occurs very quickly and fills up the magnesium store quickly. Older people are particularly often affected by a magnesium deficiency. Nursing and pregnant women have an increased need for magnesium. The supply can be supported by magnesium tablets. Magnesium tablets are very useful because they not only make it easy to remedy an existing magnesium deficiency, but also minimise the risk of developing a deficiency through regular intake.

    2 What is magnesium?

    Magnesium is an essential nutrient. For humans it is even essential for life. Since the body cannot produce magnesium itself, it must be taken in daily through the diet. The best way to achieve the daily requirement is to eat a balanced diet, i.e. one that contains many vitamins, nutrients and minerals. The human body contains about 25 mg of magnesium. Most of this trace element is in the bones and is of great importance for the strength of the bones. According to the recommendation of the German Society for Nutrition (DGE), adults should consume about 300-400 mg of magnesium per day. The European Food Safety Authority EFSA, which sets the NRV, recommends 350 mg of magnesium per day for men and about 300 mg for women. Children should consume between 170-300 mg of magnesium depending on their age and size.

    3. the most important properties of magnesium

    Magnesium carries...

    • to reduce fatigue
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    • for the preservation of normal bones in
    • for normal protein synthesis
    • to a normal function of the immune system with

    4. causes of magnesium deficiency

    • Nutrition
      If the organism is no longer sufficiently supplied with magnesium, a magnesium deficiency can occur. Since the body cannot produce magnesium itself, it must be taken in daily via the food chain. An unbalanced or unbalanced diet can cause a deficiency. The same applies to long-term diets. Overcooking dishes for too long ensures that a large proportion of the magnesium in the water is lost. The same applies to highly processed foods or ready meals.
    • Sport
      Through physical activity, people lose minerals and therefore also magnesium through sweat. The higher the physical strain, the more is consumed. The reason for this is that the muscles have an increased need for energy during sport.
    • Stress
      Nowadays, many people are heavily burdened by pressure and work and are often surrounded by stress. The human organism releases hormones such as adrenaline, which cause the consumption of magnesium to rise sharply. If the body is not sufficiently supplied with magnesium, a deficiency can easily occur. However, this can easily be remedied by taking food supplements.

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    5th conclusion: What are the effects of magnesium tablets?

    The effect of magnesium tablets begins with the first intake. Magnesium tablets are used on the one hand to remedy an existing deficiency, on the other hand they are used as protection to counteract a deficiency.

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