What is the function of trace elements in the body?

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Welche Funktion haben Spurenelemente im Körper?

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1. what is the function of trace elements in the body?

Trace elements perform numerous tasks in the human organism:

  • Maintenance of a normal energy metabolism
  • Formation of red blood cells
  • Maintenance of a good oxygen supply
  • Stability of the bones
  • Production of thyroid hormones
  • Protection of cells
  • Maintenance of normal skin
  • Degradation of amino acids
  • Strengthening of performance

    2 What are trace elements?

    Trace elements are minerals. They only occur in small quantities (in traces) in the human organism. Yet they take over vital tasks. The main task of trace elements is metabolic processes. They enable the body to function properly. A distinction is made between essential and non-essential trace elements. Essential trace elements include, for example, zinc and iodine. Zinc is essential for strengthening the immune system and maintaining good connective tissue. Iodine regulates body temperature and ensures normal thyroid function.

    3. how can a deficiency of trace elements occur?

    • congenital absorption disorder
    • poor diet
    • alcoholism
    • intestinal diseases
    • heavy sweating

    4. trace elements in the form of food supplements

    A balanced and healthy diet provides all the important vitamins, trace elements and minerals. However, nowadays fewer and fewer people manage to eat a varied diet. The reasons for this are often stress, time pressure and lack of motivation. If you want to take trace elements in the form of food supplements, you should pay attention to the form of the active ingredient and its origin. Dietary supplements in the form of capsules or tablets are particularly suitable for increasing one's store of trace elements. Both forms are well tolerated and are utilized by the body to a high degree. Likewise, the preparation should not contain any chemical additives. If you buy a preparation from Germany, you can be sure that the product has also been produced safely and is of high quality.

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    5. conclusion: What is the function of trace elements in the body?

    Trace elements take over vital tasks in the human organism. To ensure that you are always sufficiently supplied with minerals and trace elements, you should eat a healthy and balanced diet every day. In case of a deficiency, the supplementation of trace elements in the form of food supplements can help. One can choose between capsules and tablets. Both forms are easy to use and get into the circulation quickly.

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