What effects does a vitamin D deficiency have on the skin?

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Welche Auswirkungen hat ein Vitamin D-Mangel auf die Haut?

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1. what effects does a vitamin D deficiency have on the skin?

In winter, many people have the problem that they rarely get sunlight. This quickly leads to a vitamin D deficiency. A vitamin D deficiency has effects on the muscles, hair, immune system and susceptibility to infections. Effect on the skin a vitamin D deficiency none.

    2. what is vitamin D?

    Vitamin D3 is an essential vitamin. It belongs to the fat-soluble vitamins. In general, vitamins are defined as organic compounds. These should be best taken in daily through food. However, the sun vitamin is an exception. In contrast to other organic compounds, the human organism can produce vitamin D3 itself. Vitamin D3 is produced when the skin is exposed to sunlight, and sunlight is needed. When exposed to a high level of sunlight, about 80% of vitamin D3 can be produced by the body itself.

    3 How do I recognise a vitamin D deficiency?

    A vitamin D deficiency can be recognised by various signs such as

    • hair loss
    • increased susceptibility to infections
    • Muscle aches
    • Limb pain
    • impaired bone mineralisation
    • bone loss poor wound healing
    • permanent depletion
    • common illnesses
    • decreasing productivity

    4. how can you cover your vitamin D needs?

    The body can produce vitamin D itself with the help of the sun's UV-B radiation. The skin surface is needed for this. The body's own vitamin D production takes place on this surface. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, large quantities of vitamin D can be produced. In order to cover your vitamin D level in the long term, you can take vitamin D in the form of food supplements.

    There are various forms of intake:

    - Vitamin D3 tablets quickly raise the vitamin D3 level, but may contain additives such as microcrystalline cellulose.
    - Vitamin D3 drops are suitable for people who do not like to swallow large tablets, but may contain preservatives.
    - Vitamin D3 capsules consist of a vegetable cellulose shell and are easier to swallow than tablets. The cellulose shell makes it possible to do without a large number of additives.

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    5. what effects does a vitamin D deficiency have on the skin?

    A vitamin D deficiency has no effect on the skin. However, a vitamin D deficiency does affect the hair, the immune system and the susceptibility to get infections. To remedy a vitamin D deficiency, you should change your diet to foods containing vitamin D. An additional intake of vitamin D in the form of food supplements can be very helpful in this respect.

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