Vitamin A Occurrence in food

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Vitamin A Vorkommen in Lebensmitteln

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1. occurrence of vitamin A in food

Large amounts of the vitamin are found in animal foods such as liver and sausage. Smaller amounts of vitamin A are found in eggs, butter, milk or fish. Plant foods contain the precursor of vitamin A. This precursor is called beta-carotene. With the help of the provitamin, the human organism is able to produce retinol itself when needed. This is contained in carrots, pumpkin, spinach or kale.

Foods with a high beta-carotene content are (Vitamin A content per 100g) :

  • Liver approx. 22 mg / 73 i.U.
  • Green kale approx. 9 mg / 30 i.U.
  • carrot approx. 9 mg / 30 i.U.
  • liver sausage approx. 8.5 mg / 28 i.U.
  • parsley approx. 6 mg / 20 i.s.
  • Dried apricot approx. 6 mg / 20 i.e.
  • Savoy cabbage approx. 5 mg / 17 p.m.
  • Dill approx. 5 mg / 17 i.e.
  • Palm oil approx. 4.5 mg / 15 i.e.
  • Lamb's lettuce approx. 4 mg / 13 i.e.

    2. what is vitamin A?

    Vitamin A is an essential vitamin. The human body cannot produce the vitamin itself, so vitamin A must be taken in daily with food. Vitamin A is strictly speaking an organic compound that is important for biological processes such as gene transcription. Vitamin A is essential for vision and cell growth.

    3 The functions of vitamin A

    vitamin A...

    • is indispensable for vision
    • ensures the maintenance of healthy skin and hair
    • promotes the iron metabolism
    • plays an essential role in the production of testosterone and thus helps significantly in reproduction with
    • is essential for the visual process and ensures, among other things, the differentiation between light and dark
    • provides for the regeneration of the skin
    • fights free radicals
    • strengthens the bone structure of children

    4. the daily requirement of vitamin A

    According to the recommendations of the German Nutrition Society (DGE), women should take in approx. 0.8 mg (2.6 i.U.) and men 1.0 mg (3.3 i.U.) of vitamin A per day.

    For children the value is approx. 0.6 mg (2 i.U.). However, in some life situations (such as pregnancy), certain diseases or operations, the daily intake may be increased.

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    5. conclusion: occurrence of vitamin A in food

    Vitamin A is an essential vitamin. It is found in high quantities in animal products such as offal. The precursor of vitamin A is present in plant products. Vitamin A is particularly important for the visual process and for distinguishing between light and dark. The vitamin should be taken in daily through a healthy and balanced diet.

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