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Vitamin A-Mangel beheben

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1. remedy vitamin A deficiency

A vitamin A deficiency can usually be easily controlled. Anyone who wants to eliminate a vitamin A deficiency quickly and effectively is often advised to take a dietary supplement. There are several forms of intake. Vitamin A tablets offer a quick way to raise vitamin A levels, but they always contain a large number of additives. Vitamin A capsules contain the active ingredient in a vegetable cellulose shell and are easier to swallow than tablets. In general, both forms are easy to handle and get into circulation quickly.

    2. properties of vitamin A

    Vitamin A is ...

    • a fat-soluble vitamin
    • can be stored by the body over a longer period of time
    • is exclusively contained in foodstuffs of animal origin
    • vegetable products do not contain vitamin A, but the precursor beta-carotene

    According to the recommendations of the German Society for Nutrition (DGE), women should consume approximately 0.8 mg (2.6 i.U.) and men 1.0 mg (3.3 i.U.) of vitamin A per day. For children the value is approx. 0.6 mg (2 i.U.). However, in some life situations (such as pregnancy), certain diseases or operations, the daily intake may be increased.

    3. how can I cover my vitamin A requirements through food?

    Depending on the fat content of the food, vitamin A is absorbed by the human body. The fat-soluble vitamin is very sensitive to heat and light in the presence of oxygen. For this reason, up to 20% of the vitamin is lost through preparation and cooking. The vegetable precursor of vitamin A (beta-carotene) is converted to vitamin A in the intestine. Beta-carotene is only present in plant foods. The vitamin A esters from animal food are broken down in the intestine and absorbed by the intestinal cells. Vitamin A can then be absorbed from the tissue as required and stored as vitamin A esters. Lungs, mucous membranes and the liver are particularly good stores.

    There are some foods that contain particularly high levels of vitamin A. These include the following foods:

    • Liver approx. 22 mg / 73 i.U.
    • Kale approx. 9 mg / 30 i.U.
    • carrot approx. 9 mg / 30 i.U.
    • Liver sausage approx. 8.5 mg / 28 i.U.
    • parsley approx. 6 mg / 20 i.s.
    • Dried apricot approx. 6 mg / 20 i.e.
    • Savoy cabbage approx. 5 mg / 17 p.m.
    • Dill approx. 5 mg / 17 i.e.
    • Palm oil approx. 4.5 mg / 15 i.e.
    • Lamb's lettuce approx. 4 mg / 13 i.e.

    4. functions of vitamin A in the body

    vitamin A...

    • regulates the growth of cells
    • is essential for vision
    • has a cell protecting effect
    • strengthens the bone structure of children
    • protects the organism against free radicals
    • is important for human reproduction
    • keeps the mucous membranes healthy and thus ensures a normal immune system

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    5. conclusion: remedy vitamin A deficiency

    A vitamin A deficiency can be remedied very well by a change in diet to vitamin A-rich foods. Furthermore, taking vitamin A in the form of food supplements can be useful. You can choose between vitamin A capsules and vitamin A tablets. Both forms are easy to handle and quickly enter the circulation.

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