Selenium for the protection of our body


Selen für den Schutz unseres Körpers

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1. selenium for the protection of our body

Selenium is a vital trace element. It must be ingested daily through food, as the human body cannot produce selenium by itself. Selenium is absorbed from food into the blood in the small intestine, where it is largely stored in the skeletal muscles. Selenium performs many functions in the human body, including:

  • Binding of heavy metals in the body
  • Formation of thyroid hormones
  • Production of sperm
  • Formation of defense cells
  • Protection of the immune system
  • Fighting free radicals

    2 The daily requirement of selenium

    Men need more selenium than women. According to the German Nutrition Society (DGE), an adult man should take in 70 micrograms of selenium a day. For women it is 60 micrograms. Breast-feeding mothers have a higher requirement in order to supply their child with sufficient selenium through their breast milk. Here the recommended amount is 75 micrograms of selenium. Children under 10 years of age should take about 30 micrograms of selenium a day. For children between 10 and 15 years of age, the daily requirement is already 50 micrograms of selenium. However, these recommended values do not apply to people with an increased selenium requirement due to illness. In general, one should keep in mind that age, weight and size always play a significant role.

    3. the supply status of selenium

    In countries where there is selenium-rich soil, selenium supply is assured. Europe's soils contain less selenium than the U.S., but the selenium supply in Europe is considered to be very secure. In regions where the soil is rather poor in selenium, an undersupply of selenium can occur more quickly. This also includes certain eating habits, such as vegetarian and vegan diets. Here, an undersupply of selenium occurs more quickly, so many selenium-rich foods such as Brazil nuts, broccoli, legumes and white cabbage should be consumed.

    4. selenium in the form of dietary supplements

    Selenium should normally be absorbed by the body on a daily basis. The best way, of course, is through a healthy and balanced diet. However, many people find it very difficult to meet their complete vitamin requirements. In this case, selenium should be taken in addition in order to avoid a selenium deficiency. Selenium is commercially available in the form of dietary supplements. It is offered in the form of selenium capsules and selenium tablets. Both forms are easy to use and enter the circulation quickly. However, selenium tablets are sold in pharmacies, which in many cases contain artificial additives or are manufactured abroad. Selenium capsules often contain only the active ingredient in a vegetable cellulose shell and can therefore be produced without fillers. Selenium capsules or selenium tablets should be taken with sufficient liquid (for example water or juice). It does not matter whether selenium is taken before or after meals. However, if you have a sensitive stomach and cannot take selenium tablets or selenium capsules on an empty stomach, you should eat something beforehand and take the supplements afterwards. In general, it should always be ensured that the product was produced in Germany to guarantee a consistently high preparation quality. If you buy a preparation from Germany, you can be sure that the product was also produced safely and has a high quality.

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    5. conclusion: selenium for the protection of our body

    In this blog you will learn more about how selenium can protect the body. To be able to meet the daily requirement, you should make sure to eat foods rich in selenium. If you can't do that or want to quickly correct a selenium deficiency, you can turn to selenium in the form of supplements. You can choose between selenium capsules and selenium tablets. Both forms are easy to handle and enter the circulation quickly. For optimal intake, one should adhere to the recommended daily amount and discuss any changes with a physician.

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