Maca - the superfood from the Andes

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Whether as an increase in energy, application for libido deficiency and potency problems or as a nutritious addition to food - Maca is a versatile healing plant.


Maca is the tuberous root of a Peruvian cress plant from the cruciferous family. Maca grows preferentially in the Andes at over 4000 metres above sea level, where the robust plant defies wind, cold and aggressive UV radiation with apparent ease. It is precisely this extreme robustness that gives it to all those who consume it. Maca was already used by the Incas when they built their mysterious city in the mountains - Machu Picchu - in the 15th century. But the traces go back much further: Maca is said to have been cultivated over 2000 years ago and to have been valued as a strengthening food. The Spaniards, too, quickly recognized the powers of the small tuber and exported it by the ton to their homeland.

What is Maca?

Maca is a tuber that is one of the staple foods in South America. Similar to rice and potatoes, Maca is used for cooking, baking or as porridge. Maca is often cultivated, especially in higher mountain regions. As it has a very good macronutrient distribution, it is a very healthy food.

What makes Maca so special?

Maca has far more than just an aphrodisiac effect. The plant is cultivated at altitudes of up to 4400 metres, so it is exposed to extreme climatic conditions. In the Andes, temperatures fluctuate greatly, there is strong wind and intense sunlight. Therefore, the Maca plant is not only very robust and resistant, but also contains particularly rich vital substances in the tuber.

What tasks does Maca fulfil?

In addition to its use as food, the Maca root is said to have positive effects on physical performance and mental resilience. According to some clinical studies, this effect is not due to an endocrinological effect, i.e. an effect influencing hormone formation, as a change in hormone levels could not be observed in the human body. However, there seems to be a positive effect on sexual dysfunction in Maca. Dietary supplements containing Maca powder have been marketed in Europe and the USA as herbal sexual enhancers for some time. Studies from South America and the United States show that test persons report an increase in sexual desire and physical performance, a strengthened immune system and more energy - furthermore, depression and chronic fatigue and exhaustion should be counteracted.

How can Maca be taken?

Maca can not only be drunk as tea, but can also be taken as a tincture or powder. It can also be taken in Maca in the form of capsules.

Integrating Maca into the diet

Maca powder can be used in many ways. The taste of Maca powder is slightly sweet and nutty. You can use the powder not only for baking, but also in smoothies, muesli or protein shakes. When baked it gives a delicious and fragrant aroma.

Traditional recipes with Maca

Maca is still traditionally used for cooking in Peru today. Therefore the plant is roasted in ashes, cooked and then fried. After roasting, the plant is dried and ground to form a powder that can be used for both baking and cooking.

Traditionally maca powder is stirred into hot water or milk, which makes a sweet nutritious drink.

Maca as a food supplement

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