The effect of zinc in the body

Die Wirkung von Zink im Körper

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1. the effect of zinc in the body

Zinc is responsible for many tasks in the body. The trace element is essential for skin, hair and nails. For this reason, an undersupply of zinc is often recognized by brittle hair and nails. Dry skin also indicates a zinc deficiency. Furthermore, zinc ensures the maintenance of a normal metabolism and a healthy immune system. Zinc also inhibits sebum production. For this reason the skin is less oily and the production of pimples and impurities is reduced.

2. what is zinc?

Zinc is an essential trace element which is only present in small amounts in the body. Zinc fulfils many important tasks in the human body. Many biochemical processes are controlled by zinc. As a rule, the body should contain approximately two to four grams of zinc. However, since zinc can only be stored for a short time and the human organism cannot produce the trace element itself, it should be supplied daily with food.

3. the daily requirement of zinc

Men should take in about 10 milligrams of zinc daily. Women on the other hand only need 7 milligrams of the trace element. Factors such as age, weight and height should always be considered. Furthermore, aspects such as nutrition and one's own lifestyle should also be taken into consideration. The daily requirement of zinc can normally be covered well with a balanced and healthy diet. In the event of a zinc deficiency, the daily zinc requirement can be well covered with the help of zinc as a dietary supplement.

4. what happens if there is a lack of zinc?

Zinc deficiency often occurs in older groups of people or people with intestinal diseases. People who eat a vegetarian or vegan diet may have more phytate in their bodies. Phytate increases the risk of zinc deficiency. A zinc deficiency causes diarrhoea, wound healing disorders and skin eczema. It can also cause memory problems.

Symptoms of a zinc deficiency:

  • Disorders in wound healing
  • dry scaly skin
  • Susceptibility to infections
  • Growth disorders of hair and nails
  • hormonal disorders
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5. conclusion: the effect of zinc in the body

Zinc is an essential trace element. It should be ingested daily through a healthy and balanced diet to avoid a zinc deficiency. The effect of zinc in the body is very diverse. Zinc is particularly important for healthy skin and hair, for maintaining a healthy immune system and for good wound healing. A deficiency can lead to wound healing disorders, dry skin and hormonal disorders. A zinc deficiency can usually be quickly brought under control by a change in diet. Furthermore, zinc in the form of dietary supplements can help.

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