The effect of melatonin on the body

Die Wirkung von Melatonin auf den Körper

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First, what is melatonin?

Melatonin is an important hormone in the human body. It is also called the sleep hormone because it controls the day-night rhythm in the human body. The hormone is produced by the nerve messenger serotonin. The sleep hormone is secreted in the pineal gland of our midbrain. However, small amounts of melatonin can also be produced in the digestive tract and on the skin. Serotonin, which is formed by daylight, is converted to melatonin in the dark. This makes you tired and the body adjusts to the rhythm of sleep. When it gets light again the next morning and the body produces vitamin D3 , the secretion is reduced and the human organism prepares to wake up and get up again soon.

In Germany, melatonin may only be prescribed as a medicine. Patients over 55 years of age who suffer from sleep disorders are prescribed melatonin by their doctor. Unlike in Germany, melatonin is not available on prescription in the USA. There it is contained in numerous dietary supplements and is freely available.

In addition to the positive influence on sleep disorders, melatonin is said to fight free radicals.

2 What does the body need melatonin for?

Melatonin controls the day-night rhythm of the human body. It can be produced in the human body itself. In small amounts it is produced on the retina of the eye and the skin. Vitamin A is particularly important for a healthy eye. Larger quantities of melatonin are produced in the pineal gland. This is located in the brain. How much melatonin is produced depends on the eye. If the retina receives a lot of daylight, the production of melatonin is inhibited. In the dark, however, melatonin production is stimulated and the sleep hormone is released.

In order for the sleep rhythm in the body to function properly, there are special binding sites. These are located, for example, on the blood vessels in the brain. Melatonin docks to these sites and signals the body in the dark that it is time to sleep. This is how the human organism controls the rhythm of sleep. This reduces energy consumption and lowers blood pressure. When we sleep, the body automatically lowers the body temperature because we are in resting mode. During the day the melatonin level is significantly lower than at night.

3. the effect of melatonin


  • maintains a normal day-night sleep pattern
  • fights free radicals to prevent cell damage
  • lowers the body temperature at night and boosts the immune system
  • ensures the release of other important body hormones
  • specifically provides for the promotion of sleep
  • stimulates the production of vitamins
  • provides for a functioning memory
  • protects nerve cells in the brain
  • protects the body from oxidative stress
  • shortens the time to sleep
  • has an inhibiting effect on the production of gastric acid
  • controls the appetite
  • protects heart and vessels from cholesterol deposits

    4. the body's own melatonin production

    The largest amount of sleep hormone is produced in infants about three months after birth. After that the production of melatonin is reduced. By the end of puberty, most of the melatonin secretion has decreased. The older one gets, the more the melatonin release decreases, so with increasing age it becomes less and less. However, one must be aware that values such as height, weight and sex play an important role. Often middle-aged people can still sleep very well and for a long time, while older people and pensioners only need very little sleep. This is due to a decreasing melatonin production in old age. In general, it should be noted that a healthy and balanced diet with vitamins and nutrients is always a prerequisite for a healthy lifestyle.

    5 When is melatonin needed?

    Melatonin is often used in medicine. In contrast to the USA, melatonin is available only on prescription in Germany. Melatonin is often prescribed to patients over 55 years of age who suffer from sleep disorders. Melatonin is said to help normalize the day-night rhythm. However, melatonin is only prescribed for short-term treatment. The long-term effect of the sleep hormone should therefore be avoided. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid taking melatonin to protect their child. The same applies to women who are breastfeeding, as the baby is supplied via breast milk.

    6. use of melatonin

    Melatonin is only approved in Germany as a medical preparation. Patients must first be examined by a physician, who will then issue a prescription following a diagnosis, as melatonin is only available on prescription in Germany. Those affected often have been suffering from insomnia or insomnia for a long time. Tablets with delayed release of the active ingredient are also called slow-release tablets. Melatonin is often in the form of a sustained-release tablet. Those affected should take melatonin after their last meal to improve the quality of sleep. This makes it easier to fall asleep.

    7 What should be considered when taking melatonin?

    The sleep hormone melatonin can help you fall asleep faster in the evening and regain strength for the next day. If your body's own melatonin is not sufficient, your doctor can prescribe melatonin after a diagnosis has been made. Several things should be considered. Melatonin is only intended for people over 55 years of age. The length of the intake and the correct dosage of melatonin should always be discussed with the doctor. Pregnant women or women who wish to have children should avoid taking melatonin. The same applies to women who are breast-feeding, as they supply their child via breast milk. Those who generally take a lot of medication should clarify whether the medication is compatible with melatonin.

    8. side effects of melatonin

    Melatonin is released in the dark and ensures that you get tired and have a good night's sleep. For severe sleep disorders, melatonin can be prescribed by a doctor. You should be careful with this, as melatonin can cause side effects.

    These include symptoms such as headaches and aching limbs. In addition, severe drowsiness, lack of concentration and persistent nervousness may occur.

    9. alternatives to melatonin

    For sleep disorders may be prescribed after a diagnosis of melatonin on prescription. However, this is only given to people who are over 50 years old. Their melatonin production decreases considerably with age, which often leads to sleep problems.

    However, there are of course also people under 50 who also have sleep problems or sleep disorders with the Theam. Therefore, there are also alternatives to melatonin such as 5-HTP.

    5-HTP is the direct precursor of serotonin and is converted to serotonin much more effectively than tryptophan. It is then converted to melatonin.

    The body produces 5-HTP in small amounts by itself. It also occurs in traces in various foods. The African black bean is particularly suitable for naturally increasing serotonin levels. For centuries, this bean has been used by locals to improve sleep and sleep quality.

    10. 5-HTP Capsules

    In Germany there has been the possibility to buy 5-HTP capsules with high-dose Griffonia extract for several years. Mostly the capsules contain between 50 - 200mg of pure 5-HTP. Since the powder comes from the black bean, it is also a very vegan and vegetable product, which can naturally increase the serotonin level.

    Beside 5-HTP from the pharmacy also in the Internet respectable Onlineshops can be found, which offer 5-HTP caps. Here above all it should be made certain that the preparation is free from artificial additives and was manufactured in Germany. The serotonin level can be naturally increased by herbal 5-HTP capsules. In this blog you can learn more about 5-HTP.

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    11. the correct intake of 5-HTP

    Those who would like to take 5-HTP in the form of food supplements can choose between 5-HTP capsules and 5-HTP tablets. These should be taken with sufficient liquid (for example water or juice). If you are taking 5-HTP with the aim of improving sleep, you should take the desired amount of 5-hydroxytryptophan 1-2 hours before going to sleep. The body needs this time to extract the 5-HTP from the stomach and then transport it across the blood-brain barrier directly to the brain, where it is converted to serotonin.

    12 What should be considered when dosing 5-HTP?

    When taking 5-HTP in the form of food supplements, it is important that the product was manufactured in Germany. When taking 5-HTP you should pay attention to the correct dosage. You should take the recommended amount. Because even an overdose of 5-HTP can have serious consequences for the body.

    Every person has a different need for 5-HTP. Depending on size, weight and metabolism, a dose between 50 - 200mg is usually recommended to achieve the desired effect. We recommend a dose of 100mg per capsule for a natural increase in serotonin levels to get a feeling for the correct amount to be taken. For the first intake we recommend not to take more than 100mg of 5-HTP.

    13. what is the function of 5-HTP capsules?

    5-HTP capsules are used to improve the quality of sleep in cases of sleep through disorders. The so-called REM phases are greatly improved by 5-HTP (rapid eye movement) and lead to a restful sleep.

    For some years now, it has been possible in Germany to buy 5-HTP capsules with high-dose Griffonia extract. The capsules often contain between 50 - 200mg of pure 5-HTP. As the powder comes from black beans, it is also a very vegan and herbal product that can naturally increase serotonin levels.

    Beside 5-HTP from the pharmacy also in the Internet respectable Onlineshops can be found, which offer and sell 5-HTP caps. Here it should above all be ensured that the preparation is free from artificial additives and is manufactured in Germany. The serotonin level can be naturally increased by herbal 5-HTP capsules.

    14 Which is better: 5-HTP capsules or 5-HTP tablets?

    5-HTP tablets, which are sold in bulk in pharmacies and drugstores, often contain cheap active ingredients and many chemical additives. A variety of fillers and pressing aids are often used to keep the tablet in shape. It is better to buy 5-HTP capsules without additives, as the mostly vegetable capsule shells can hold the active ingredient together without artificial additives. Capsules are also generally the most common dosage form. They are easy to handle, are easy to swallow and can release their active ingredient in the stomach very quickly.

    15. side effects of 5-HTP

    5-HTP can cause nausea and stomach cramps at too high doses over a long period of time. In very rare cases, nightmares and sleep disturbances may occur. A common side effect of 5-HTP is above all a lack of hunger. If you want to use 5-HTP permanently as a serotonin booster, you should make sure that you always eat enough and regularly, otherwise taking it can lead to weight loss. In addition, all the properties that a higher serotonin level brings with it are associated with it. For example, consuming too much too early will make you sleepy much earlier in the day.

    16. 5-HTP and depression

    Nowadays it is assumed that a decrease in serotonin neurotransmitter activity is the main reason for the development of depression. That is why antidepressants are designed to increase serotonin levels and thus significantly boost serotonin levels. In the 1970s
    5-HTP was even prescribed regularly for depression. Since serotonin is known as the happiness hormone, a significantly higher serotonin level also means an increased feeling of happiness for the consumer as well as reduced anxiety and headaches.

    In addition to improved sleep quality, many people take
    5-hydroxytryptophan as an antidepressant. Since serotonin is known as a happiness hormone, a significantly higher serotonin level also means increased happiness for the consumer and reduced anxiety and headaches. In addition, 5-HTP is also used for weight loss and diet, as high serotonin levels can lead to a reduced feeling of hunger. High serotonin levels can also reduce vascular headaches (migraines) and non-vascular headaches (e.g. tension headaches).

    17. 5-HTP and headaches

    People who often suffer from headaches and migraines often also have low serotonin levels. Headaches can be divided into two categories. On the one hand there is vascular headache. These affect the blood vessels. The other is non-vascular headache, which includes migraines.

    Migraines and headaches can be caused by many different reasons. For example, emotional reasons such as monthly bleeding and neurological hormone fluctuations. But emotional causes such as stress or excitement can also be causes.

    Migraines and headaches are very much related to serotonin. For this reason, migraine is also known in specialist circles as the serotonin deficiency syndrome. In order to treat migraine well, the serotonin level must be brought back to normal. This is located in the human brain. Serotonin is synthesized via the intermediate product 5-HTP. 5-HTP has long been recommended for the treatment of migraine. It also helps people who suffer from tension headaches.

    General tips for reducing headaches and migraines:

    • Drink a lot
    • Eat a balanced diet. A healthy lifestyle is the be-all and end-all
    • Reduce the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes
    • Do sport regularly
    • Go out into the fresh air for a few minutes at least once a day
    • Avoid drinks and products containing histamine. Histamine can trigger migraine.

    18. 5-HTP and overweight

    One of the most important tasks of serotonin is the regulation of appetite. People who suffer from a serotonin deficiency often have a constant appetite.
    This leads to uncontrolled eating and thus to many calories. The Body Mass Index allows you to quickly see what range you are in based on your height and weight. However, with the BMI it must be taken into account that the body build can be influenced not only by the bones but also by the muscle mass. People who train a lot and are therefore very muscular could be mistakenly considered overweight, even though a large proportion is muscle mass.

    By taking 5-HTP the following things could be determined. Those affected automatically reduce their daily food intake through the appetite regulating effect. The sensation of ravenous appetite is reduced and body fat slowly decreases.

    19. 5-HTP and tryptophan

    5-HTP and tryptopham are both agents used to support healthy sleep. Many people think that 5-HTP and tryptophan are the same molecule. Both substances are similar, but there are many points in which they differ.

    Tryptophan is essential for many physiological processes. It produces the two hormones melatonin and serotonin. These help the human organism to sleep well. In order for sufficient niacin to be produced, the body must be sufficiently supplied with tryptophan. Since the body cannot produce tryptophan itself, it must be taken in with food. It is found in fish, meat, eggs and chickpeas, for example.

    People who are often moody or generally suffer from mood swings are often associated with low serotonin levels. When tryptophane is ingested, the level of neurotransmitters is increased and mood improves. Since tryptophane has difficulty in effectively crossing the blood-brain barrier, we recommend the direct intake of 5-HTP, the precursor of serotonin.

      20. conclusion

      Melatonin is an important sleep hormone, which is essential for our sleep rhythm. Normally it is produced by the body, but with increasing age it becomes less and less. Melatonin controls energy consumption and lowers blood pressure. In contrast to the USA, melatonin is not freely available in Germany. After establishing the diagnosis it can be prescribed by a doctor. However, melatonin is only for patients over 55 years. As an alternative there is 5-HTP as a dietary supplement to buy. It helps to increase serotonin levels naturally. 5-HTP can help to improve sleep and sleep quality. As a dietary supplement, 5-HTP is available in the form of 5-HTP capsules and 5-HTP tablets. In general, one should always pay attention to the recommended daily dosage. It is also important that the product was manufactured in Germany to avoid additives. A common side effect of 5-HTP is above all a lack of hunger. Therefore always remember to eat enough when taking 5-HTP as a serotonin booster.

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