The effect of bitter substances on the human organism


Die Wirkung von Bitterstoffen auf den menschlichen Organismus

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1. the effect of bitter substances on the human organism

Bitter substances take over many different tasks in the entire organism. They have a positive effect on the acid-base balance and the nervous system. Bitter substances promote digestion by stimulating gastric juice, bile and pancreatic secretions. By taking bitter substances, digestive hormones are released which allow the food to be digested and utilised more quickly. The reason for this is digestive secretions, which are particularly important for fat digestion. Among other things, bitter substances stimulate the hormone and immune system. This takes place through the taste receptors on the tongue. By accelerating digestion, bitter substances can also help with weight loss. The feeling of satiety sets in faster and one is accordingly less.

2. what are bitter substances?

Bitters are chemical compounds. They have a bitter taste due to the T2R protein. You can take in bitter substances through a healthy diet, but they can also be produced synthetically. One can distinguish between different levels of bitter substances. The level of bitterness can be calculated by mixing one gram of bitters with water and then measuring the bitter taste in the dilution. Children usually do not like bitter tastes and avoid bitter foods for this reason. The reason for this is the body's own protection in children not to eat poisonous foods.

3. Which foods contain a lot of bitter substances?

Bitters are found in salads as well as vegetables and fruits. These include many cabbages such as kale, Brussels sprouts and chicory. Grapefruit in particular is known for its bitter taste and vitamins. Nettles and dandelions are also rich in natural bitter compounds. If you grow your own vegetables, you can consume bitters on a daily basis. Spices like turmeric and mustard also contain bitters.

4. lack of bitter substances due to nutrition

These days, there are fewer bitter compounds in foods than there used to be. A deficiency of bitter substances can lead to hyperacidity. This is a result of too few bitter substances in our diet. Bitter substances stimulate all digestive activity. This increases gastrointestinal movement and speeds up gastric emptying. A lack of bitter substances can be recognized by symptoms such as flatulence, stomach pain, heartburn and sluggishness.

5 Conclusion: The effect of bitter substances on the human organism

Bitters are very healthy for the human body. They perform numerous functions and can be absorbed through the diet. Plants that contain bitter substances include wormwood, feverfew and gentian. Those who do not want to consume bitter foods can resort to dietary supplements. Bitters can be bought in the form of capsules, tablets and drops.

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