The importance of vitamin D3 for the human body

Vitamin D3 is a vitamin that can be produced by the body itself if it has enough sunlight to produce it. Therefore, especially the winter months with little sunshine are a problem with regard to the D3 level. A recent study by the Robert Koch Institute (click here) suggests that more than 60% of Germans suffer from a vitamin D3 deficiency. This can lead to various health problems such as tiredness, slowed thinking, bone problems or even cardiovascular diseases. Unfortunately, most people are not aware that an undersupply of vitamin D3 can also occur in the summer, when people often spend time at the office or in the house. Some foods containing vitamin D include fatty fish and dairy products. The latter contain much less vitamin D, but are more likely to end up on the breakfast table.

Cheese and dairy products do not contain as much vitamin D3 as fish or cod liver oil, but they are more likely to end up on the table.

To make sure that there is no deficiency, you can take a vitamin D3 supplement. The best known forms are capsules or tablets. Especially suitable for vegetarians and vegans are vegetable cellulose capsules, which have been a great alternative to conventional gelatine capsules for some time now. Our Vitamin D3 capsules from Vitamin Owl are free of artificial additives and contain only vitamin D3 and rice flour as well as the already mentioned cellulose shell.

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