Why vitamin A is important for vision & skin

When talking about vitamins, many people probably think of vitamin C, vitamin B12 or vitamin D3. Often, not all vitamins that the body needs for its daily functions are considered when talking about vitamins. Vitamin A is a vitamin that is often forgotten because it does not receive much attention in the media. However, the correct supply of vitamin A is very important for healthy eyes and clean skin. In the following sections, we will go into more detail about the properties of vitamin A, what it means for your body and how you can easily cover your daily needs.

What exactly is vitamin A?

Vitamin A is a depot vitamin that performs important biological functions in humans and all animals. It is partly formed from the preliminary stage, the carotenes, or is absorbed directly through food. In either case, vitamin A is an essential substance that the body cannot produce itself. Already in the 16th century liver & honey was used in China as vitamin A preparation for the treatment of night blindness.

Why is vitamin A so important for the human body?

During the visual process, vitamin A ensures that the retina can recognize light-dark contrasts and that the eye can see better at night. During reproduction, it enables the correct development of egg and sperm cells. The right supply of vitamin A is also essential for strong bones, teeth and cartilage. In addition to defending against harmful free radicals, it ensures clean skin and promotes its regeneration.

What happens if I take too little vitamin A?

A vitamin A deficiency can manifest itself in various symptoms. Reduced vision in the dark or reduced visual acuity are a factor of this. Also typical are an increased susceptibility to infection, dry skin, increased sensitivity to light or iron deficiency. If the undersupply is chronic, this can manifest itself in impairment of the sense of smell and touch or a fertility disorder.

How can I ensure my vitamin A supply?

Since vitamin A is a fat-soluble depot vitamin, the substance accumulates in the body. This makes it all the more important to avoid a vitamin A deficiency. Pure vitamin A is found almost exclusively in animal products such as sea fish or liver products. In vegetable products such as sweet potatoes, carrots and pumpkins, on the other hand, the precursor beta-carotene is found, which the body converts into vitamin A. In order to supply the body directly with high-quality vitamin A, our Vitamin Owl® Vitamin A capsules very well suited. They contain 3,000 µg of pure retinyl acetate, which effectively replenishes the body's vitamin A reserves. They are free of additives and are produced in Germany.

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