Where's the calcium? The best suppliers of calcium

 Wo ist Calcium drin: Die besten Calciumlieferanten

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One: Where's the calcium? The best suppliers of calcium

Both plant and animal foods can be good sources of calcium. Milk and dairy products are among the best known sources of calcium. One glass of milk already covers a fourth of the daily calcium requirement. The fat content has no influence on the mineral content. Vegetable foods such as green leafy vegetables or kale are highly recommended.

Calcium content in mg per 100g:

  • Cheese: approx. 700 - 1000
  • Sesame: about 800
  • Nuts: approx. 250
  • Kale: approx. 200
  • milk: approx. 120
  • Yoghurt: approx. 120
  • Broccoli: about 110

    Two. What is calcium?

    Calcium is one of the best known minerals. In terms of quantity, it is most abundant in the human organism. Calcium is stored in the bones and teeth and gives them the necessary strength. Calcium plays an essential role in the transmission of stimuli in muscles and nerves. For this reason, it should be taken in daily with food. A calcium deficiency is a low concentration of calcium. This is then below 2.3 mmol/l (millimol per litre).

    3 The connection between calcium and vitamin D3

    A calcium deficiency is often associated with vitamin D3. This is because those who suffer from a calcium deficiency are often also affected by a vitamin D3 deficiency. Vitamin D promotes the absorption of calcium in the small intestine and helps to integrate calcium into the bones. In order for calcium to be absorbed in sufficient quantities through the intestines, a good supply of vitamin D3 is also necessary. In older people, a vitamin D3 deficiency can lead to osteoporosis due to increased bone resorption, in children to rickets. Even in adults, the balance between bone formation and bone resorption should always be maintained to avoid increased bone resorption.

    4. causes of calcium deficiency

    • Low calcium diet
    • Digestive disorders
    • Magnesium deficiency
    • vitamin D deficiency
    • Hormonal Disorders
    • Disorders of calcium absorption
    • Thyroid diseases
    • Medication (e.g. diuretics)
    • Pancreatitis
    • increased calcium requirement (e.g. pregnancy)

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    5. conclusion: where is calcium in it: The best suppliers of calcium

    Calcium is contained in both animal and vegetable foods. Dairy products are particularly good sources of calcium. They can cover most of the daily calcium requirement. In case of a calcium deficiency, you should definitely change your diet. This means consuming significantly more calcium-rich foods. Supplementation of calcium in the form of food supplements can be very helpful in this respect. You can choose between calcium capsules and calcium tablets. Both forms are easy to handle and get into circulation quickly.

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