What is the best way to eat a balanced diet?

Wie kann ich mich am besten ausgewogen ernähren?

1. what is the best way to eat a balanced diet?

A healthy and balanced diet means eating regional and seasonal foods. In doing so, one should consume sufficient vitamins, healthy fats, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates. Of course, it is best to cook fresh food every day and avoid fast food, soft drinks and convenience foods, as you will find hardly any vitamins and minerals in them. The best way to keep important nutrients in food is to process it lightly cooked and not completely baked through. According to the World Health Organization, you should eat five fruits and vegetables a day. Raw and steamed vegetables should always alternate. Fiber is very healthy for digestion. Whole grain cereals are better for the body than cereals of the white variety. Whole grain products provide the body with important fiber such as vitamins and minerals and keep you full longer.

    2. sugar and salt in moderation

    Sugar and salt are components of any diet. In normal measure they are not harmful to the human organism, but in large quantities they should be avoided. Too much added sugar and salt in combination with high fats and poor nutrition increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. If you compare the recommendations of the German Nutrition Society (DGE) for salt and sugar, you will quickly see that consumption in Germany is above average.

    How much water should one drink per day?

    The human organism consists of 75% liquid. If it does not receive water, dehydration occurs. The tissues and blood are dehydrated, which causes the blood to thicken. This makes it more difficult for the blood to be transported in the bloodstream and reduces the supply of oxygen and nutrients. Both physical and mental performance decreases due to dehydration. An adult should drink about two to three liters of water a day. As a result, metabolic processes function optimally, the body receives more energy and is more efficient. Drinking plenty of water can also prevent headaches and avoid ravenous appetite.

    4. support by food supplements

    Due to a stressful working day many people do not manage to eat healthy anymore. Due to late working hours, the daily fresh cooking is often replaced by a ready meal and thus the risk of malnutrition increases. The lack of fruits and vegetables, minerals, vitamins and healthy fats causes deficiencies more and more often. Deficiencies can be well prevented and corrected by supplementation of food supplements. When taking them, you can choose between capsules and tablets.

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    5. conclusion: what is the best way to get a balanced diet?

    The best way to eat a balanced diet is to eat a good variety of fruits and vegetables, minerals, carbohydrates and healthy fats. This works best by shopping locally and cooking daily. Supplementation of supplements to prevent or correct a deficiency can be very helpful. This can be done by choosing between capsules and tablets.

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