Which vitamins can help with hair loss?

Welche Vitamine können bei Haarausfall helfen?

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1. what is hair loss?

A person has on average about 100,000 hairs on his head. Hair loss is understood to be permanent hair loss. With hair loss, the lost hair does not grow back. Normally, a person loses about 80-100 hairs per day. If this limit is significantly exceeded, one should consult a doctor to confirm hair loss. Healthy hair growth compensates for smaller fluctuations in hair growth. In general, however, one should know that hair growth declines with increasing age. With hair loss, one must distinguish between three types of hair loss:

1. hereditary hair loss

Hereditary hair loss is manifested by hair loss at the temples or the back of the head. The reason for this is the hypersensitive hair roots to the body's own messenger substance dihydrotestosterone.

2. alopecia areata

Alopecia areata is hair loss in a sharply defined area. It is triggered by an autoimmune disease. Often only men are affected. It is the most common hair loss disease and can occur at any age.

3. diffuse hair loss

When all the hair falls off the head, this is called diffuse hair loss. This hair loss is more common in women. The causes can be thyroid gland diseases, hormonal disorders, infections or an unbalanced diet. Certain medications (such as anticoagulants) can also be a trigger.

2. symptoms & causes of hair loss

  • Anemia
  • Lack of vitamins and minerals
  • Severe diseases of the scalp
  • Hormonal disorders such as diabetes
  • Irradiation during cancer treatment (chemotherapy)
  • Hormonal changes in women (menopause)
  • Factors such as discontinuing the pill
  • Hereditary hair loss

    3. biotin for beautiful hair

    In our body, biotin plays a very important role in many metabolic processes and is essential for a beautiful appearance of hair, nails and skin. Our organism needs the vitamin to activate certain enzymes and to protect the cardiovascular system. Biotin ensures strong hair roots and healthy hair growth. A functional disorder can lead to hair loss, dull or brittle hair, discoloration of hair and loss of eyelashes and eyebrows. You can find more information about biotin here.

    4. vitamin B12 for healthy hair growth

    Vitamin B12 helps the human body to convert our food into energy. It has a positive effect on hair growth. Vitamin B12 stimulates the cell division of hair follicles. People who can take up little vitamin B12 through food, such as vegans or vegetarians, must take the vitamin in the form of food supplements. If you want to learn more about vitamin B12, you can read this blog article.

    5. iron for a strong hair structure

    A common cause of hair loss is a lack of iron. This is common worldwide, especially in women. A severe iron deficiency can even affect the hair root. This not only makes the hair brittle, but also damages the hair root. A good iron supply ensures a stable hair structure and strong hair. Good sources of iron are e.g. innards like liver or legumes. You can read more about iron here.

    6. zinc for keratin formation

    This vital trace element participates in keratin formation and is therefore essential for hair production. Dry, brittle hair can indicate a zinc deficiency. A zinc deficiency can also quickly lead to hair loss. To let hair grow sufficiently, the human organism needs collagen. The formation of collagen (keratin) is only possible if the body is sufficiently supplied with zinc. A large amount of this vitamin is found in cheese, meat, eggs and milk. Therefore, vegetarians and vegans often suffer from a zinc deficiency. Learn more about zinchere.

    7 Correct nutrition

    Hair loss is often the result of an incorrect or unbalanced diet. Normally one should eat a balanced diet. Sufficient vitamins, nutrients, trace elements, minerals and plenty of fruit or vegetables. These are essential for healthy hair growth. A deficiency can lead to a disruption of the hair cycle and result in hair loss. To avoid this, you should pay attention to several things. For example, you could eat more wholemeal products instead of products with lots of wheat flour. You should also avoid industrial sugars as much as possible and instead eat more fruit and vegetables. In general, you should drink at least two litres of water a day.

    8. conclusion

    It is normal for a person to lose a few hairs a day. However, if it is a permanent hair loss, it is called hair loss. With hair loss, the lost hair does not grow back. However, hair loss is divided into three types. Hereditary hair loss, alopecia areata and diffuse hair loss. Symptoms of hair loss are often severe diseases of the scalp, anaemia or hormonal disorders such as diabetes. A lack of vitamins and minerals is often the reason why people suffer from hair loss. If the human organism is not sufficiently supplied, the hair cannot grow sufficiently and hair loss occurs. Biotin, vitamin B12, zinc and iron are particularly important for healthy growth. These vitamins are not only essential for good hair production, but also ensure that your hair is healthy and strong.

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