When does biotin work for hair loss?

Wann wirkt Biotin bei Haarausfall?

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1. when does biotin work for hair loss?

In case of hair loss, it is best to take biotin in the form of food supplements to stimulate hair growth and to obtain a positive effect on the hair. Many people ask themselves the question when biotin starts to work in hair loss. The vitamin starts to take effect from the first intake. As a coenzyme in the organism, biotin promotes the metabolic activity of skin, hair and nails. However, biotin should be taken over a longer period of time in order to ensure increasing quality. In this way brittle hair can be counteracted and the hair structure becomes more and more solid.

    2. properties of biotin

    • Biotin is water soluble
    • Biotin belongs to the group of B vitamins
    • Biotin is best absorbed daily through a healthy and balanced diet
    • Biotin is also called vitamin B7
    • Biotin is a component of enzymes and participates in many metabolic processes
    • Biotin promotes the growth of hair and nails
    • Biotin is contained in both animal and plant foods

    3. how can a lack of biotin arise?

    Many foods contain biotin. For this reason a lack of biotin is rather rare. Provided that biotin is regularly absorbed by the human body through food. A lack of biotin can have many different causes.
    Firstly, an unbalanced diet can lead to a biotin deficiency in the long term. People who do not eat a healthy and varied diet cannot absorb and process enough vitamins. If a diet is planned, care should be taken not to make it one-sided, but to eat products with a high biotin content. However, it should not be forgotten that a deficiency can also have a genetic cause, for example in the case of a congenital uptake disorder. A biotin deficiency can also be caused by a long-term intake of antibiotics or a poor storage capacity of the body.

    4. symptoms of a biotin deficiency

    • Hair Loss
    • Nausea
    • Depressions
    • flaky skin
    • thin nails
    • torn corner of the mouth

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    5. when does biotin work for hair loss?

    Biotin in the form of food supplements takes effect from the first intake. You can choose between biotin capsules and biotin tablets. However, biotin should be taken over a longer period of time (at least six months) in order to ensure an increasing quality.

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