Selenium - important for the immune system & thyroid gland

selen selenversorgung

What exactly is selenium?

Selenium is a vital trace element that our body cannot produce itself. Therefore the mineral must be taken in with food. Selenium is not only stored in the organs, but also in the blood and in the muscles. Since selenium is only present in small amounts in the body, it must be taken in with food every day.

Why is selenium so important for the human body?

Selenium is a component of enzymes and is involved in many reactions in the body. The mineral helps to maintain normal hair and nails. It is also very important to keep the thyroid gland function stable. Selenium is needed in the human body to form the amino acid selenocysteine, which in turn is vital for protein synthesis (new formation of proteins in the cells). Overall, selenium strengthens our immune system, acts against inflammation and protects our cells.

What are the consequences of a selenium deficiency?

A selenium deficiency only occurs when the body has an absorption disorder or when there is an increased selenium excretion. Vegans and vegetarians in particular are at risk of an insufficient selenium supply via food. The consequences of a selenium deficiency include fatigue, hair loss and a limited immune defence. It can lead to disturbances in heart and muscle function and sperm formation. Infertility and miscarriages cannot be ruled out.

How can I ensure my selenium supply?

Very good sources of selenium are protein-rich foods and animal products. In particular, meat, fish, offal, eggs, cheese and shrimps contain considerable amounts of the trace element. 100 grams of shrimps would already cover the daily selenium requirement. It is also not difficult to cover one's selenium requirement with vegetable foods. Among the foods containing the most selenium are Brazil nuts, for example. A single Brazil nut would already cover your daily selenium requirement. Other foods richest in selenium include mushrooms, pulses, cabbage, onions and asparagus.

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