Possible side effects of Spirulina


Mögliche Nebenwirkungen von Spirulina

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1 Possible side effects of spirulina

Spirulina is an algae. This spirulina alga can be found in strongly alkaline salt lakes. As the spirulina algae are open systems, different side effects of spirulina can occur. On the one hand, the algae can come into contact with other algae and be contaminated by transmission such as bird droppings. Furthermore, algae can also contain microorganisms such as water fleas. Furthermore, contamination by heavy metals has been found in the waters of the Spirulina algae. These are polluted waters, which have been contaminated by mercury, for example.

In most cases, however, humans tolerate the spirulina algae without any problems. Spirulina is normally considered to be well tolerated and safe.

2 What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is a microalgae. Due to its colour it is also called blue-green algae. It belongs to the group of cyanobacteria, which have existed on earth for 3.5 billion years. Spirulina algae are found in strongly alkaline salt lakes. Spirulina algae can be found in Central America, Australia and South East Asia. It produces a lot of oxygen and is one of the most nutritious foods in the world. The protein content of the spirulina algae is almost 60 percent. Spirulina is sold as capsules, tablets or powder. In 1974, it was named the "best food of the future".

3. tasks of spirulina

Spirulina contains numerous nutrients and consists of almost 60 percent protein. That's why there are even foods like pasta that are high in spirulina these days. The spirulina algae is supposed to detoxify the human organism in a natural way. Furthermore, spirulina can be helpful for weight reduction, but only in combination with a healthy and balanced diet. The spirulina algae are said to strengthen the human immune system and protect the body from free radicals. The micro-algae has a health-promoting effect in cases of increased blood fat values, allergies, liver damage and is sometimes even used to prevent cancer. Furthermore, the spirulina algae is said to help with a weakened immune system. The blue-green algae lowers blood sugar and can thus be used to treat diabetes.

4. spirulina as a food supplement

If you would like to take spirulina, you can buy spirulina in the form of food supplements. It is available in the form of spirulina capsules, spirulina tablets and in natural form as powder. All forms are easy to handle and get into circulation quickly. However, spirulina tablets are sold in pharmacies, which in many cases have been manufactured with artificial additives or abroad. Spirulina capsules often contain only the active ingredient in a vegetable cellulose shell and can therefore be produced without fillers. Spirulina capsules or spirulina tablets should be taken with sufficient liquid (for example water or juice). It makes no difference whether spirulina is taken before or after a meal. However, if you have a sensitive stomach and cannot take spirulina tablets or spirulina capsules on an empty stomach, you should eat something first and then take the food supplements. If you would like to buy spirulina powder, it is a good way to vary your diet. The powder is great in smoothies, but can also be used in salad dressings or for cooking.

In general, you should always make sure that the product was produced in Germany in order to guarantee a consistently high quality of the preparation. If you buy a preparation from Germany, you can be sure that the product was also produced safely and is of high quality.

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5th conclusion: Possible side effects of spirulina

Possible side effects of spirulina may be related mainly to heavy metal exposure. However, there are other factors that can affect the quality of spirulina. On the one hand, there may be small animals on the algae, on the other hand the microalgae may be contaminated by external influences. Spirulina is said to be very healthy and is rich in high-quality protein and essential amino acids. The blue-green alga contains a wide spectrum of all important vitamins. It supports normal body function and protects the body from free radicals. Spirulina algae strengthens the body's defences and ensures that every single cell in the human body is supplied with sufficient oxygen and nutrients. The microalgae can be purchased in the form of spirulina tablets, spirulina capsules and powder.

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