Can a folic acid deficiency cause weight gain?

Kann ein Folsäuremangel eine Gewichtszunahme verursachen?

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1. can a folic acid deficiency cause weight gain?

A deficiency of folic acid is usually shown in the blood count. If the body does not receive an adequate supply of folic acid, it has to resort to small amounts of folic acid from the stores. If this is used up, it can lead to anaemia. However, there is no evidence that a folic acid deficiency promotes weight gain. If women take folic acid before their pregnancy, they think that folic acid makes them gain weight. However, the weight gain is due to the water retention caused by the cycles. An interaction with other drugs that could lead to weight gain is also unknown.

    2 What is folic acid?

    Folic acid is a vital vitamin. The human organism cannot produce the vitamin itself. In medicine, folic acid is also known as folate or vitamin 9. Folic acid is essential for the production of genetic material and the formation of blood cells. For this reason, folic acid should be taken in daily through a healthy and balanced diet. A folic acid deficiency can lead to anaemia in rare cases. To remedy a folic acid deficiency, folic acid can be supplemented in the form of food supplements.

    3 What does the body need folic acid for?

    Folic acid is involved in many different processes in the human organism:

    • Production of red and white blood cells
    • Production of the genetic material
    • Degradation of the acid homocysteine
    • Production of strong skin and hair
    • mucous membrane formation
    • healthy cell growth

    4. in which foods is folic acid contained?

    TOP 10 foods with a high folic acid content: (µg per 100 g)

    • 1. chick peas 340 µg
    • 2. wheat germs 300 µg
    • 3. soya beans 200 µg
    • 4. kale 190 µg
    • 5. seaweed 180 µg
    • 6. peas 150 µg
    • 7. mung beans 140 µg
    • 8. peanuts 125 µg
    • 9. cress 110 µg
    • 10. sunflower seeds 100 µg
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    5. conclusion: Can a folic acid deficiency cause weight gain?

    A folic acid deficiency cannot cause weight gain. It is often confused with water retention during the cycle. No other interactions between folic acid and medication are known. Normally, folic acid should be absorbed by the body on a daily basis. As many people nowadays unfortunately no longer eat a balanced and varied diet, a folic acid deficiency often develops. This can cause anaemia. It can therefore be very useful to supplement folic acid in the form of food supplements. These are available in the form of folic acid capsules and folic acid tablets.

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