Can 5-HTP help with migraine?


Kann 5-HTP bei Migräne helfen?

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1. Can 5-HTP help with migraine?

Many people wonder if taking 5-HTP can help with migraines. 5-HTP increases serotonin levels in the brain. A very low serotonin level is in very frequent cases the trigger of a migraine. Thus, headaches and migraines can be alleviated. In addition, 5-HTP prevents migraine attacks. If a person has a headache, one must distinguish between two types these. There are vascular and pulsating headaches. Vascular pain in the head is caused by excessive dilation of blood vessels in the head. Pulsatile headaches are caused by the heartbeats in the blood. Migraine belongs to pulsating pain.

2. What is the right dosage of 5-HTP?

Each person has a different need for 5-HTP. Depending on height, weight and metabolism, a dose between 50 - 200mg is usually recommended to achieve the desired effect. We recommend a dose of 100mg per capsule to naturally open serotonin levels to get a feel for the right amount to take. For the first intake, we recommend you do not consume more than 100mg of 5-HTP.

3. 5-HTP for weight loss?

Serotonin regulates the regulation of appetite. Therefore, a trigger of binge eating and increased weight gain is often a serotonin deficiency. 5-HTP curbs the appetite, lowers the feeling of hunger and can support one in weight reduction very well. In addition, 5-HTP provides a feeling of fullness, so that you get full faster.

4. 5-HTP in the form of dietary supplements

5-HTP capsules or tablets can be taken together with water or juice. Depending on the goal, the time of intake also plays an important role. Those who take 5-HTP for better sleep should take it two hours before sleeping. For a permanent increase in serotonin levels, several servings can be taken throughout the day. We recommend taking 5-HTP capsules, which are free of artificial additives and produced in Germany. The half-life of 5-HTP is about five hours. After two hours, the maximum effect is felt. Those who take 5-HTP to sleep better should take a portion two hours before going to bed.

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5. conclusion: Can 5-HTP help with migraine?

In this blog, you'll learn more about whether taking 5-HTP can help with migraines and headaches. Supplementation of 5-HTP is done via 5-HTP capsules or 5-HTP tablets. Both forms are easy to use and enter the circulation quickly. When taking, always stick to the recommended daily dose and always discuss any changes with a doctor.

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