Strengthening the immune system - herbal alternatives

Immunsystem stärken - pflanzliche Alternativen

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1. strengthen immune system - herbal alternatives

The human immune system protects the body from viruses and bacteria. For this reason, one should always make sure that one protects and maintains the immune system sufficiently. Especially in the cold season, you quickly become more susceptible to colds, flu and colds. The organism has many protective barriers to defend itself against pathogens. Already when the pathogens invade, the body tries to fight the invaders through sneezing and the mucous membranes. Only when the protective barrier has been overcome, the immune system is attacked.

    2. vitamins for a healthy immune system

    Vitamins should be consumed daily through a healthy and balanced diet. They are especially essential for a healthy immune system. Vitamin C in particular is very important. Probably the best-known task that vitamin C performs in our bodies on a daily basis is to strengthen the immune system and maintain resistance. Furthermore, the vitamin helps to protect the cells in our body from oxidative stress (free radicals).

    3. minerals and trace elements for a strong immune system

    Minerals are inorganic food components. They are responsible for different functions in the human organism. Trace elements are inorganic nutrients. The human organism needs them only in small quantities. Trace elements belong to the group of minerals. In contrast to bulk elements, the body needs trace elements only in quantities of less than 50 mg. Minerals and trace elements not only protect the immune system, but are essential for blood formation, strong teeth and bones and the maintenance of healthy skin.

    4. tips for a strong immune system

    • A varied and healthy diet:
      For a well-functioning immune system, you should eat plenty of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
    • Exercise:
      Sports strengthen the immune system. In addition, exercise reduces stress and strengthens brain function.
    • Drink plenty of fluids:
      The human body should consume about 2-3 litres of fluids per day. Water or green tea is best for this purpose.
    • Sunlight:
      One should take care of good sun intake not only in summer but also in winter. The human skin produces vitamin D with the help of UV radiation, which is essential for a healthy immune system.
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    5. conclusion: strengthen the immune system - herbal alternatives

    In order for the immune system to defend itself against radicals, it should always be protected by the intake of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. A healthy and balanced diet is usually sufficient for this. In case of a deficiency, the supplementation of food supplements helps. Here you can choose between capsules and tablets.

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