Taking selenium: the best time of day

Einnahme von Selen: die beste Tageszeit

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1. intake of selenium: the best time of day

Many people wonder when is the right time to take selenium. Taking it is independent of the time of day. However, selenium in the form of dietary supplements should always be taken with a meal if you have problems taking capsules and tablets on an empty stomach.

    2. the daily requirement of selenium

    According to the German Society for Nutrition (DGE), an adult man should take 70 micrograms of selenium per day. For women it is 60 micrograms. Breastfeeding mothers have an increased need in order to supply their babies with sufficient amounts of selenium from their breast milk. The recommended amount here is 75 micrograms of selenium. Children under 10 years of age should take in about 30 micrograms of selenium a day. For children between 10 and 15 years of age, the daily requirement is already 50 micrograms of selenium. However, these recommended values do not apply to people with an increased selenium requirement due to illness. In general, one should always bear in mind that age, weight and height always play an important role.

    3 The effect of selenium in the human organism

    • Thyroid gland
      The thyroid gland is the organ that contains the most selenium in the body. It is practically the organ richest in selenium. Selenium-dependent enzymes help to convert thyroid hormones. These are known as T3 and T4. They are essential for heat regulation, energy metabolism and muscle function. Selenium-rich enzymes protect human tissue from free radicals and oxidative damage.
    • Immune system
      The human body should always be sufficiently supplied with selenium. A good selenium supply protects the organism from free radicals, viruses and bacteria.
    • Cell protection
      The genetic information consists of various cells. These include selenium-dependent enzymes. They protect the cells from oxidative stress and cell damage. For this reason the body should always be supplied with selenium-rich cells.
    • Skin and Hair
      In addition to biotin and zinc, selenium is also particularly essential for maintaining healthy skin and hair.

    4 Where is selenium stored?

    Selenium is absorbed in the upper small intestine. This is where most of the selenium intake takes place. During this process, selenium enters the blood to supply the tissues and is used in the liver to build protein. These are secreted in the bloodstream and the trace element is transported further to the brain, kidney and tissue. About 60% of the selenium is found in the blood plasma. It is always important to know that half of the selenium is bound to protein. The total amount of selenium in an adult person is about 10-20 mg. This is found in tissues and organs. The distribution is very uneven. Most concentrations are in the thyroid, brain, pancreas, heart and spleen.

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    5. intake of selenium: the best time of day

    When taking selenium, it does not matter at what time of day selenium is taken. However, if you have problems with your stomach, you should take selenium in combination with a meal.

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