The daily requirement of potassium

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1. the daily requirement of potassium

The daily requirement of potassium depends on many factors. In general, it should always be taken into account that height, weight and sex play a significant role. If you take enough potassium daily, you can prevent chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, kidney stones and loss of bone mass.
The German Society for Nutrition (DGE) recommends that an adult should consume approximately 4000 milligrams of potassium daily. Children under 10 years of age need half the amount of an adult, i.e. the requirement is about 2000 milligrams. For breastfeeding women, the recommended amount of potassium is about 4400 milligrams, as they have to supply their child via breast milk.

    2. what is potassium

    Potassium is the most important mineral. It is particularly essential for the human body. Chemically, it is a potassium electrolyte.
    More than 90% of potassium is inside the cell, the rest of the potassium is outside the cell. By regulating electrical charges, potassium ensures a healthy balance of cell components. Potassium is responsible for the entire regulation of the water balance. Potassium plays an essential role in the transmission of stimuli from a nerve in the human organism. Potassium creates the conditions for information to be transmitted from one cell to another. Therefore, potassium must always be present in the human body. In general, potassium is essential for the involvement of muscle activity, the regulation of the water balance and the activation of various enzymes.

    3. the tasks of potassium

    Tasks of potassium briefly summarized:

    • Maintenance of a normal nervous system
    • Maintenance of normal blood pressure
    • Regulation of the water balance
    • Signal forwarding within the cells
    • Activation of various enzymes
    • Regulation of the PH value
    • Maintaining the balance between the cell interior and exterior
    • Maintenance of the osmotic pressure
    • Transmission of pulses
    • Transport of insulin into the cells
    • Maintenance of the energy metabolism
    • Regulation of the acid-base balance

    4. potassium as a food supplement

    Potassium should normally be absorbed by the body on a daily basis. The best way to do this is naturally through a healthy and balanced diet. However, many people find it very difficult to cover their complete requirement of trace elements, micronutrients and vitamins. Then potassium should be taken in addition to this in order to avoid a lack of iodine.

    Potassium is available in the form of dietary supplements in stores. It is offered in the form of potassium capsules and potassium tablets. Both forms are easy to handle and quickly enter the circulation. However, potassium tablets are sold in pharmacies, which in many cases have been produced with artificial additives or abroad. Potassium capsules often contain only the active ingredient in a vegetable cellulose shell and can therefore be produced without fillers. Potassium capsules or potassium tablets should be taken with sufficient liquid (for example water or juice). It does not matter whether potassium is taken before or after a meal. However, if you have a sensitive stomach and cannot take potassium tablets or potassium capsules on an empty stomach, you should eat something first and then take the food supplements.

    In general, you should always make sure that the product was produced in Germany in order to guarantee a consistently high quality of the preparation. If you buy a preparation from Germany, you can be sure that the product was also produced safely and is of high quality.

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    5. conclusion: the daily requirement of potassium

    The daily requirement of potassium depends on factors such as weight, sex and height. In general, an adult should consume about 4000 mg of potassium daily, children need about half of that. Since not everyone can manage to take in potassium daily, it is possible to supplement potassium. You can choose between potassium capsules and potassium tablets. Both forms are easy to handle and get into circulation quickly.

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